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We offer packages for everyone including a FREE option.  Begin boosting your online presence, promote an event or interact more with your customers by using our unique Loyalty platform.

I am a Business Owner and interested in:

Creating a Digital Loyalty Scheme for my Business

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Increasing the online visibility of my Business

Free or Premium from £9.99 / month

Promoting my Events or Offers

Free or Premium from £7.99 / month

Increase the online visibility of your Business

Here are just some of the features available when you list with us.  You can choose a package which suits you best.

Increased Visibility

List with us to increase your visibility to our member base. We cover the whole of Lancashire and our mobile web application ensures you are always a few taps away from being discovered.

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews matter and we have them enabled on Love Lancs. Make sure to ask your happy customers to leave a review to increase your rating and placement in searh results.

Instant Messaging

As we operate a mobile application it is important that people can connect and contact you on the move. In addition to phone and email options they can also directly message you from the app.

All your details

Growing your social media is one of the most important aspects of today's business profile. We offer you countless profiles to link so potential customers can follow you.

Website Link

It is vital that your website gains traffic to keep it relevant in the world of SEO. We offer you an in-your-face link to ensure maximum clicks to view your offerings.

Image Gallery

Showcase your dishes, products and service environment. People want to see what they are getting before they get it. Peak their interest with some enticing images.

Promote Events and Offers

Events and Offers are related listings to your Business or Organisation.  You may promote as many as you like.

Promote your Events

Whether you are looking to host a one-off event or frequently host events we have you covered with tailored add-on packages. Events are linked to the hosting business.

Shout about your offers

We know offers are important to stand out from the crowd sometimes. You can add as many as you like and link them to your business, all in one place! Let's get started.

All you need is a Listing

Events and Offers are linked to your Business or Organisation listing. If these are to be your focus then you can create a new business listing for FREE in order to attach to.


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Promoting your business listing

We offer priority sections on our website dedicated to Promoted listings.  This includes your region home page and the explore search results.

To promote one of your listings head to MyAccount->MyListings and look for:

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