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Validation Code

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When a customer wants to use their Loyalty Card with you they will present their mobile device for you to enter the code.  The correct code will issue a point.

See the demo here.

Keep this behind your counter so your staff can use it too on your customers.  Feel free to change it as often as you please if you feel it may have been compromised.


The number of stamps you want your card to display in order to fill it.


“Earn (your reward here)”

Example if you enter “a free coffee” it will display “Earn a free coffee”.

Approx Value of Reward

e.g 2, 5, 10 (no pound sign and round numbers only)

This will be approximate in some cases such as a 10% voucher but please base it on an average spend.

Card Type

Minimum spend = if you want to issue a point each time your customer spends at least £5 with you.

Certain types = if you want to issue a point each time your cutomer buys a certain items such as a coffee or a breakfast etc.

Certain Items

If you selected “certain items” as your card type:

(your entry here) = one point

e.g Buy any coffee = one point

Spend Required Per Point

If you selected “minimum spend” as your card type:

£(your entry here) = one point

e.g 5, 10, 15 (no pound sign and round numbers only)

Display: Minimum spend of £5 = one point

Activate Loyalty Card

When you have completed setup make sure you set this to “Activated”.

Image sizes can greatly affect our website’s performance.  Before you upload it would be great if you could drop your image into this instant free tool to optimise it: TinyPNG


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Suggested size: 300x300px

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Suggested size: 1980 x 1042px

Gallery Images

Showcase your listing’s offerings.

Suggested size: 800 x 800px

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You can link a hosted video to your listing to show off past events or your business premises for example.


This is used for customer’s to use the contact form on your listing page.  Without an email address the form does not load.

Phone Number

Displays a “call now” quick action button iside your cover image for quick contact whilst on the move.


Link to your website is displayed in 3 places on your page!

Quick access to all of your social media pages – fantastic for growing your following!


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